Homestead House Headlines

Saving the Schuerman Homestead House, Ca. 1906

Ways to help:

Time – Volunteer Opportunity
We have a carpenter, Brian B, re-building the badly deteriorated kitchen and a small ‘bedroom’. Brian could use help any/every day. If you would enjoy getting your hands dirty and doing some work with construction tools, you can just show up Mon-Fri between 9am-5pm or so at the house—introduce yourself to Brian – and pitch in. If you want to let me know the first day you go out, I’ll be happy to give you Brian’s # or text him for you to confirm he is on-site at 120 Loy Lane.

Treasure – Fund-raising & Resources
GOAL: $200,000 for repair, restoration, landscaping & reserve fund *CHALLENGE GIFT: Millie Leenhouts is asking others to match her donation of $1000 until we reach $20,000! Contact Janeen if you have questions about this challenge fund that will be used for emergency repair and preservation work. Thank you, Millie! Make your donation before April 30 and get a gift!

TNT – Thanks, Needs & a Treasure Trove!

  1. THANKS to Bob Michael for trash removal from our March 2nd Work Day!
  2. THANKS to Michele Zahner for becoming our “liaison” with the Red Rock
    Ditch Assn!
  3. NEED: Someone to clean (inside & out) the 1950s upholstered sofa & chair.
  4. NEED: Assistance with first public open house in early May.
  5. NEED: Someone to do the research to find replica replacement linoleum.
    Treasure Trove of found objects:
    Unearthed from under the house are hand-made wooden boats, a child’s scooter,
    an ornate mantel clock, bottles, very old bicycle parts and more. If you would like
    to volunteer to clean some of these items, please contact us. Thank you.