The Sedona Heritage Museum hosts many events for the community ranging from Christmas in the Park to the Fall Arts & Crafts Fair!

The Uncommon Raven @ Sedona Heritage Museum
Oct 12 @ 10:00 am – 10:50 am
SHADE book coverLearn how Shade the raven traveled to Sedona to participate in raven problem-solving research at the University of Arizona, as well as a raven word learning study.
Loren Haury & Diane Phelps provide an illustrated overview of the common raven, using original 4-color photography that depicts their physical characteristics.  They will focus on the bird’s problem solving skills, sociability, and playful manner. Loren Haury is a native of Arizona and his fascination with photographing ravens provided the impetus for switching to a digital camera 15 years ago.  Haury’s raven photographs have been shown in Flagstaff art galleries; other photographs have appeared in the Sierra Club calendar.
Diane Phelps Budden, after 30 years in corporate and academic marketing in Grand Rapids, launched Red Rock Mountain Press in Sedona and self-published Shade, a Story of a Very Smart Raven.  In 2013, she wrote and published The Un-Common Raven, a non-fiction book for children.

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